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Sarasota Fishing Camp 2019. Sarasota, Florida. 941-993-3977. Captain Jeremy Lee

Our primary goal is to keep your child safe and hydrated while on the water and during fishing classes. At no time will campers be forced to stay out in bad weather or unsafe conditions. Safety First!

Weather Issues

Being full time fishing guides we are constantly watching the weather.


In the case of a tropical storm or hurricane we will refund all deposits and payments.


Any rainy days will be spent learning in an inside facility.


At no time will we fish in unsafe conditions! Your child's safety is first and foremost


1. Deposits of $100.00 will be taken to complete all registrations Acceptable forms of payment are cash, credit card, or check.


2.Full payment is due 30 days before fishing camp begins


3. Full deposit refunds will be granted outside of 30 days of the start of camp


4. Inside of 30 days of camp, no refunds will be issued. Extreme Circumstances will be considered of course.


5. ALL credit card transactions will incur a 3% charge.


5 days Sarasota Fishing Camp


Captains will have water, sports drinks, and snack bars for each day of camp. Parents and campers are responsible for lunch Monday-Thursday. Sarasota Fishing Camp will provide Lunch on the last day of camp! We also will include a camp performance shirt and some serious swag from some of the biggest names in the industry! 

Frequently asked questions:


1. Will my Camper have fun? 

Yes! Fishing is the coolest thing on the planet!


2. How long will my camper fish for? 

We will do an average of 3-4 hours of fishing most days


3. Can my camper keep their catch? 

No. We will be practicing catch and release during camp. Let her go, let her grow!


4. What time does camp start and end? 

Camp runs from 8am to 2pm Monday-Thursday 8am to 1pm Friday( Pickup and drop off at Marina Jacks Downtown)


5. Are the guides fully licensed and insured?

Yes, we will provide all parents with that info prior to start of camp.


6. Will my camper have enough sunscreen on? 

Yes, we will reapply every two hours!


7. What if there is bad weather? 

At the first sign of bad weather we will take cover at one of two places. Harts Landing Bait Stand or New Pass Bait and Grill. Both give cover for inclement weather. Captains boats are equipped with weather overlay and storm alert systems. We always have eyes and ears peeled for changes in weather!